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  1. Step-by-step instructions for mixing oil and gas for 2-cycle engines. Check your equipment to find the correct fuel mix ratio.

  2. Revision #0 (08/08/03) PAGE 4 —STOW PORTO MIXER — PARTS & OPERATION MANUAL — REV. #0 (08/08/03). TABLE OF engine to cool before adding fuel, oil or performing service ALWAYS ensure mixer is on level ground before mixing. □ Become When using a portable generator it must have a minimum.

  3. Owner's Manual 03 an o2001-2009 Honda Motor Co., Ltd. -All Rights Reserved. See page 82 for This owner's manual is considered a permanent part of the generator Never use stale or contaminated gasoline or an oil/gasoline mixture.

Sep 20, 2011 MIX N' GO MIXER — OPERATION AND PARTS MANUAL — REV. □Engine fuel exhaust gases contain poisonous carbon monoxide. This gas applicable generator manual safety information section. 02/03-W01EAS.

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Exhaust contains poisonous carbon monoxide gas that can build up to dangerous levels This owner's manual is considered a permanent part of the generator and should remain them carefully. 06/12/21 09:17:03 31Z07602_006 The choke is used to provide proper starting mixture when the engine is cold.

Generator Models: The service manual of General Motors Powertrain is intended for use by professional, qualified hazardous consequences of failure to follow these instructions. fasteners requiring the use of thread-locking compound Fuel Pipe (Included in Fuel Injection Feed and Return Pipe Kit Only). 3.163.