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The detector is a highly sensitive UV-VIS diode array detector designed to perform HPLC analyses with the Chromeleon Chromatography Management System. The UVD 340U detector allows the recording of three-dimensional data, in addition to the UV-VIS channels available on the UVD 170U detector. Please note that the unit may be operated only using the accessories originally supplied.

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UV/VIS Software PC Software LabX® UV/VIS. 2 Streamline Your UV/VIS Workflow Make it Simple, Efficient and Secure LabX is fully adaptable to meet your needs. The many options in LabX allow you to simplify the way you work, ensuring that transcription errors are a thing of the past. LabX takes care of all of the hard work, enhancing produc- Workflow Optimization tivity and decreasing manual.

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FastTrack™ UV/VIS Spectroscopy Speed Up Your Measurements UV5 and UV7 Spectrophotometers UV/VIS Excellence Line The UV5 and UV7 Excellence instruments optimize.

The spectrum of wavelengths emitted by a conventional mercury germicidal UV lamp is broad, covering the UVC, UVB and UVA ranges from about.

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  2. The UV-3R Mk.I, UV-100 and UV-200 models are said to be electrically identical, just with a different exterior look and external port. UV-100 and UV-200 share a compatibility with speaker-.

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Ultraviolet drinking water Disinfection is recognized as effective by the US EPA, World Health Organization and other leading health organizations.