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The C/Unix Programmer's Guide is a comprehensive guide for beginning to intermediate C/C++ programming under UNIX, Linux, Macintosh OS X, and similar systems. Standard C is covered in enough detail to make this book a useful reference for virutally any platform.

GNU COBOL Programmer’s Guide For Version 2.1 [23NOV2013] Gary L. Cutler (

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Complete Reference, Red Hat Linux, Linux Programming,. Red Hat Linux Administrator's Reference, Linux. Programmer's Reference, Introductory.

Jul 31, 2000 Linux. Programming. Contents At a Glance. I Advanced UNIX This book is not intended to be a comprehensive guide or reference to all .

The Linux Programmer's Guide. Sven Goldt. Sven van der Meer. Scott Burkett. Matt Welsh. Version 0.4. March 1995. 0.Our continuing mission: to seek out .

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An overview of Linux, the kernel, the C library, and the C compiler With Linux System Programming, you will be able to take an in-depth look at Linux from both .

The in-depth treatment of topics in The Linux Programming Interface makes it a must-have reference for both new and experienced Linux programmers.”.