Underfloor heating installation manual

Installing Underfloor Heating in a Timber Floor using screed between joists. Build a subfloor (min 25mm from top line of joists) between the floor joists using a good quality dense board insulation supported on timber battens fixed to the side of the joist.

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Underfloor heating installation can be completed by a competent DIY person or by a professional installer. The exact installation steps depend on the make and type of heater so make sure to read through the manual before commencing.

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Once you have purchased your underfloor heating system from us, the next step is installation. Below we have laid out everything you should need to help you .

We have installation videos and manuals to give you detailed step-by-step guidance for a successful installation. Our in-depth knowledge of all installation methods, structural sub floors and floor coverings makes us the industry’s leading experts in both water and electric underfloor heating systems.

Instruction manuals and installation guides for ProWarm underfloor heating & ProWarm thermostats. Full colour PDF guides available to download.

If you are looking for a bit of help in installing your underfloor heating system, then look no further. Our easy to understand guide covers each aspect of the installtion process, from the pre-installation checklist, through recommendations for the type of flooring, to testing and troubleshooting.

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Continuity alarm. • Manual. Warmtech Heating Systems accepts no liability, use ceramic tile adhesives and grouts suitable for use with underfloor heating.

As part of your underfloor heating system, we have supplied you with Heatmiser PRT digital room thermostats. When the system is running, make sure that the room thermostats are set at 20°c, the system is designed to work at 20 to 21°c – which is an appropriate indoor temperature.

the design and installation of underfloor heating using OSMA UFH components available through Merchant Stockists. These products are primarily designed for use in new-build residential applications up to four circuits. What’s different about OSMA Underfloor Heating OSMA UFH products have been designed to provide the highest possible heating performance while using materials.