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Thomas SUPER 30 S ask a question add to your wish list Manual 10 litre clean water reservoir; 30 litre container for wet dry operation; Solid carrying handle .

Apr 12, 2018 The vacuum cleaner for allergy sufferers perfect air allergy pure binds allergenic dust particles in water Download the Operating Instructions.

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vacuum cleaner if its operation has been clearly explained to them, and they are able to use it safely, recognising the dangers of incorrect use. ~ Models with radio controls on the handle: Keep batteries out of the reach of children. Warning and Safety instructions 6. Technical safety ~ Ensure that the connection data on the data plate (voltage and frequency) match the mains electricity.

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Please read the user manual carefully so that you quickly become familiar with is a vacuum cleaner with a built-in aqua filter system for dry vacuuming as well Before cleaning, servicing, filling, emptying, or in the event of malfunction, turn Empty all tanks after wet or damp operation. Safety instructions. GB. 5. THOMAS .

The manual vacuum cleaner was a type of non-electric vacuum cleaner, using suction to 15, 1910) the Kotten Vacuum Cleaner, which required the operator to stand on a platform and "rock from side to side like According to Thomas' Register of American Manufacturers, sales of manual vacuum cleaners peaked.

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