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Venturi Flow Meter Installation and Operation Manual 357-EN Please read and save these instructions.

The F-Meter's calibration is set at the factory and cannot be changed by the operator. Unless the unit is dropped or otherwise obviously damaged, the factory calibration should remain constant well beyond the annual re-calibration period.

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20 Operating Manual 2 Flow Meter Operation The flow meter uses the absolute pressure of the gas in the calculation of the mass flow rate. For working in metric units, note that 1 psi = 6.89 kPa. Gas temperature The gas flow meter also uses a temperature sensor to measure the line temperature of the gas flow being monitored. The temperature is displayed in engineering units of degrees Celsius.

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This meter is shipped fully tested and calibrated and, with proper use, will Operation manual (hard copy, mini-disk, and on-line availability at www.extech.com) .

  1. must refer to the user manual for instructions before operating the The Clamp-on Meter Model 403 is a 6000-count professional electrical measuring.

  2. OM004-008 Meter Owners Manual · OM015 Pulse Output Meter Owners Manual G2 Aluminum / Stainless Steel / Brass / ANSI Flange Owners Manual .

  3. Rotary Gas Meter Installation and Operation Manual Page 1 of 13 The NMTTM NDM Rotary Displacement Gas Meter is a positive displacement type of meter which, by means of two counter-rotating impellers and a counting mechanism, measures a known volume of gas with each rotation. As a result of years of development and experience, NMTTM has been able to provide a meter of unparalleled accuracy.

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Series RM Rev. 10/15/18 Remote Meters with 4-20 Output Instruction and Operation Manual The information contained in this manual was current at the time of printing.

Bluelab product manuals contain operating instructions, technical specifications, probe cleaning and calibration/testing steps, care and maintenance.

VSH SERIES General Description: Main cylinder is equipped with a flow control valve to meter the decent of the ramp Lip operation is controlled by a hard chrome plated cylinder having a 2 ½” ID bore. Motor pump is deck mounted or remote mounted for easy access. Safety Equipment: 3” high run off guards are included on either side of platform. Dual maintenance struts on sides.

The MA445 is a 400A AC/DC True RMS Clamp meter with 11 functions To ensure the safe operation and service of the meter, follow these instructions closely.