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Design of Structural Steel Joints Dr. Klaus Weynand Feldmann + Weynand GmbH, Aachen, Germany Prof. Jean-Pierre Jaspart University of Liège, Belgium.

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A test method designed to force products to fail more quickly than they would under normal use conditions. Accelerated life testing involves acceleration of failures with the single purpose of quantification of the life characteristics of a product at normal use conditions.

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Full sheet metal fabrication department consists of a 100 ton Strippet LVD CNC press brake, 23 ton manual press brake, 2 water knife machines with maximum capacity of 70" x 120" up to 3" thick for steel and 4" for aluminum. Also, provides shears, HEM saws and heat treating capabilities and maintains assembly skills to support flight and non flight assemblies.

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The standards used in this manual are derived from the Institute of Recycling Industries’ Scrap (ISRI) specifications and have been modified to meet CMC Steel South Carolina’s particular.