RD 52.04.186-89 pollution control guide

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guidelines for designing of National Ambient Air Monitoring Network in Guidelines for Air Pollution Control, RD 52.04.186-. 89,. «Руководствопоконтролюзагрязненияатмосферы». РД 52.04.186-89; Guidance Documents:.This Pollution Prevention (P2) Guide provides information to help organizations get P2 as the Facility Pollution Prevention Guide (EPA/600/R-92-088).

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Guide for control of air pollution, RD 52.04.186–89 (1991) Moscow, pp 385–398 (in Russian) Google Scholar Ilvessalo P (1995) A new method for calculation of an air quality index. In: Proc of the 10th World Clean Air Congress, Espoo Vol 3, Proc 527 Google Scholar.The research of the male generative system of the Scots pine was held in the sample areas (SA) laid at a distance of 2 km (SA-1), 5 km (SA-2), 9 km (SA-3), 15 km (SA-4) from the source of technogenic pollution in the south-west direction (Figure.

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