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Sectional drawing. 3. 3. This operating manual should be read carefully by the competent The centrifugal pump Ws+ is exclusively intended for pumping.

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Operation and Maintenance Manual. S200 Series Centrifugal Pumps. Read and understand this manual prior to installing, operating or servicing this equipment.

ated when the pump is in operation. This pressure difference drives the fluid through the system or plant. The centrifugal pump creates an increase in pressure by transferring me-chanical energy from the motor to the fluid through the rotating impeller. The fluid flows from the inlet to the impeller centre and out along its blades. The centrifugal force hereby increases the fluid velocity.

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The sectional drawing of the new MegaCPK offers you an insight into the interior of a centrifugal pump. Services for your success The centrifugal pump is at the heart of KSB’s product portfolio.

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An IOM or O M Manual is a document created by a pump manufacturer that contains instructions on proper installation, operation, and maitenance of a pumping system. It is important to follow the pump manufacturer’s instructions when installing, operating, and maintaining centrifugal pumps.

The operating manual of any centrifugal pump often starts with a general statement, The centrifugal pump operation should conform to the pump curves supplied by the manufacturer. In order to read and understand the pump curves, it is very important to develop a clear understanding of the terms used in the curves. This topic will be covered later. One fact that must always be remembered:.