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Yakolev Yak 55 M. Shop for the latest products on Yak-42-Aircraft-Safety-Record from thousands of Fiat CR.42: Books, FIAT CR.42 Aircraft Maintenance Manual Ca 446: Fiat CR Yakolev Yak 18 Aircraft Technical Manual: Yakolev: Books, Yakolev.

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INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE PILOTS ABOUT THE USE AND FLIGHT TECHNIQUES OF THE YAK-1, YAK7, YAK-9 WITH M-105P, M-105PA Y M-105PF ENGINES Third edition Military Edition People's Commissariat of Defense Moscow, 1944. Instruction developed by: Major Engineer STEPANETS Major PROSHAKOV Major Engineer POLITIKIN.

  1. INSTRUCTION MANUAL. WARRANTY For the latest technical updates or manual corrections to the Yak-55M EP visit the Great Planes web site at www. for the Yak-55M. EP is a RimFire™ 32 (42-50-800) brushless outrunner motor.

  2. The Yakovlev Yak-40 Yak-42 v1.0.3 / 01 sep 17 / greg goebel * In the mid-1960s, the Soviet Yakovlev organization was tasked to develop a small jetliner, which emerged as the trijet "Yak-40" and proved popular.

  3. The Yak 42 is a 3 engine 100-120 seat Soviet airliner - restricted due to needing a long runway. Contact us to charter this aircraft, available.

The Yak-42 trijet was developed as a replacement for Tupolev's Tu-134 twinjet and Antonov's An-24 turboprop. The Yak-42 is an all new design although, like the Yak-40, it features a three engine configuration for increased redundancy and good short field performance.

I have traveled on YAK 42D on route Termez to Tashkent in 1989. Yak 42 is nice plane similar to boeing 737 but why it is powered by three engines it is not so big plane and second it should be designed as twin engine aircraft with engines mounted on wings.

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The Aircraft Performance Database is intended to be an educational and reference tool. It should allow users to search for one or more aircraft and then view data associated with the aircraft. This data includes identification, recognition and performance details.

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