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The structure of the municipal formation of the city district of Simferopol the administrative, economic and cultural center located in the central part of the .Simferopol is an important political, economic, and transport hub of the peninsula and serves as the administrative centre of both Simferopol Municipality and Simferopol District though it does not belong to the district.

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The Crimean Peninsula is a disputed area which as a result of the 2014 Crimean crisis is Simferopol (Aqmescit, Симферополь, Сімферополь), the administrative center of the Urban-type settlements under the district's jurisdiction.Simferopol serves as the administrative center of Simferopol municipality, one of the and of Simferopol Raion, although it does not belong to the raion (district).

The following is a partial list of the deputies elected to the Ukrainian Rada (parliament) in 1994. According to the BBC Summary of World Broadcasts of 1 April 1994, the following deputies were elected on 27 March.The capital is divided into three districts: Railway or Zaliznychnyi in the north and northeast, The city is also the administrative center of the Simferopol Region.

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Simple flow chart of administrative divisions of Ukraine According to the Article 133 of Constitution of Ukraine , "the system of the administrative and territorial structure of Ukraine is composed of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, oblasts, districts, cities, districts in city, settlements, and villages.".In the Simferopol Diocese there are the following administrative units of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea left: the Town of Alushta, Bakhchisaray District, Belogorsk District, Chernomorskiy District, the Town of Feodosiya, the Town of Kerch, Kirovskoye District, Leninskiy District, Saki District, the Town of Simferopol, Simferopol District, the Town of Sudak, the Town of Yalta.

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The Crimean Peninsula is a disputed area which as a result of the 2014 Crimean crisis is controlled and recognized by Russia as the Republic of Crimea, a federal subject of Russia.According to the Head Department of Religious communities work of the Crimean Muftiyat, Imam of the Simferopol district Raim Gafarov, the city administration gave an opportunity to choose a territory for the subbotnik. The Spiritual Board and the local community of Beloe-5 collectively decided to conduct clean-up works on the territory of the mosque. "Cleaning the territory of the mosque.

Suspicious mail was sent to the administration of Molodizhne village near Simferopol yesterday. Explore live News Interactive map. Russia war on Ukraine in Donbas and Crimea. Conflicts map. Russian military agression against Free World.Aug 15, 2017 On December 6, Simferopol's Kyiv District Court reportedly granted a leader of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Ukraine, saying .

In the meantime, ex-vice-speaker of the Crimean parliament Natalya Malenko became the acting head of the Simferopol administration. She has headed the executive authority of the Crimean capital, and the December competition will only be a confirmation of this personnel decision.Simferopol Raion (Ukrainian: Сімферопольський район, Russian: Симферопольский район, The administrative center of the raion is the city of Simferopol which is as a town of republican significance and is not a part of the district.