Accounting management in the Russian Federation is carried out

Currently, emission management is carried out in the Russian Federation on the basis of hygienic standards which is, in turn, based on the calculations of emission dispersion from source.

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Doing business in the Russian Federation — Introduction 1 This guide has been prepared by EY Russia in order to provide a quick overview of the legal framework, tax system, forms of business organization, and business and accounting practices in Russia. Making decisions about foreign operations is a complex task that requires knowledge of a country’s commercial climate, bearing.

  1. and to improve their waste management practices. A well- thought system of their accounting records in accordance with the Russian tax legislation. carried out by the head office. According to the federal Law “On accounting”.

  2. Forest management on the territory of the Russian Federation. The managed forests, where systematic accounting of their economic purpose and environmental functions. forest-restoration and tending of forests is carried out;. - forests are .

  3. Member organizations and country profiles: Russian Federation IFAC Profile of the legal and regulatory environment, including information on the statutory framework for accounting and auditing, regulation of the profession and adoption of international standards.

management reference level and proposes to establish such level for the Russian Federation equal to budget of carbon in 1990. This value is 94,735.4.

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Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation is the parliamentary body of financial control in for the management of state taxes and some sectors of the state economy. The work of The Chamber is guided by federal law, carries out the .